Thursday, 18 June 2009

Down Under back over here.

Picked up a stack of tracks from an Aussie mate of mine the other day - we share similar tastes in music, so I send him links to British hip-hop and he returns the favour.

This time around, the recommendations were thoroughly sunny, so I thought I'd share a few of the best with you.

First up are Bliss N Eso. consisting MC Bliss, MC Esoterik and DJ Izm, they seemed to have been around on the Australian scene for a good few years now, so I feel I've been more than a bit behind the cutting edge on this one, this is cracking little summer evening number, from their album Flying Colours

The other end of the scale is Seth Sentry, who hasn't even been signed yet, but seems to be getting himself around a cult following around Melbourne. This guy has fantastic flow, and definitely falls under the 'relaxed, non-aggro' hip-hop that I really like. 'The Waitress Song' is due to be included on his yet-to-be-released EP 'The Waiter Minutes Promo'.

Last up is Shad, who isn't Australian, but Canadian. This track, 'The Old Prince Lives At Home', from the album of the same name, definitely ticks my 'phat horn line' box, and shows his skills with the acapella at the end - this bloke deserves to be better known over here.

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