Tuesday, 6 October 2009

A long weekend in Detroit [3]

This is my final post of a much-delayed report from DEMF.
If your appetite has been whetted, I'd like to recommend a couple of others - pipecock at ISM and kenny hanlon at bodytonic - I know, for example, they had a very different time to me at the Mills thing. And they're top lads with great blogs. Check 'em out. Meanwhile, read on...

Monday (Memorial Day)

The last day was always going to be tricky. I knew that I had to drag my arse off site by 7pm, so I could realistically be in the car and crossing the border by about 8ish, to have any chance of getting home at a reasonable hour to be functioning as a responsible parent for the next day and rest of the week (we'll just not even pretend to think work was even an issue - but a 2 year old is). And there's always next year, and the fact that Detroit's literally a drive down the road from ours these days. But still.

I knew I was going to miss Los Hermanos live - which, if the live UR showcase (Galaxy 2 Galaxy as a full band, etc.) the last time I was here would be anything to go by, would be a real kick in the teeth. Particularly in the light of how relativly underwhelming the day before had been on site.

At last, I finally get to see Flying Lotus after missing him several times in the UK. Holy. Fucking. Shit. Completely mental but totally kicking it. Finished with something that was almost twisted deep house then went down to half-step on a real Alden Tyrell "Phaze Me" tip. Oooof. No idea if that's a big tune of his or if he was just going for it on the spot, but a Movement Moment if there ever was one. Sun's been shining, great turnout, stages all close together so you can go and catch someone even out of curiosity - strolled past Ellen Allien as she was dropping LFO and cutting up Wee Pappa Girl Rappers somewhere in it all. Mental. Dennis Ferrer was pretty good, Carl Craig didn't seem to be doing anything ground-breaking, but maybe next year as musical director he'll get some of the duff aspects of the festival sorted (particularly the Detroit stage piss-poor excuse for a sound system - and the slightly patchy programming).

But it's not just about the actual festival itself. Memorial Day weekend in Detroit is about so much more. Catching up with old mates. Meeting a shitload of great new folk. Record shopping. Bloody great off-festival parties. Rooftop afterparties in Greektown with the sun blazing down as you realise just exactly where you are, looking around,and feeling there's no place like this on earth. And knowing you'll be back. Who's up for a meetup next year?

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