Monday, 6 April 2009

4/4 - 60:07

Here's an hour (and seven seconds!) mix that I did for Jez's excellent Throbbing Couch show (7 'til 9 fortnightly Saturday evenings, you know where)

I very rarely play more than three 'house' records in a row these days (despite being a proper househeads when it was once acceptable for men to wear leather strides without owning a motorbike), so it was a real pleasure to string some 4/4 stuff together for a change.

Cheers to Jez for hosting the mix - don't forget 7-9 Saturday's fortnightly! - and I hope you enjoy the tunes.


Williams ~ Bubble Jam
Mudd ~ 54B
Holy Ghost ~ Hold On (Instrumental mix)
Grizzle Hands ~ Its Disco Dub
Sugardaddy ~ Stripped To The Bone
City Reverb ~ City Of Lights (Larry Fives Dub)
Maxim Samos ~ Alpha Storm (AN-2 mix)
Amplified Orchestra ~ Moon Voyage
Mutant Disco ~ Musica
Faze Action ~ Space Disco
Underworld ~ Dirty Epic (Jori Hukonen mix)
Kariya ~ Let Me Love You Tonight
Povar Pavel Khaleev ~ Wait For Me
Deep Space Orchestra ~ City Streets

4/4 - 60:07

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