Friday, 24 April 2009


Perusing through the new releases on Junodownload earlier today and in so doing started a morning journey to destination lost hope, my speakers indifferently spewed forth shit tunes after shit tunes then came average tune after average tune then more shit ones . A break in the audio clouds came when I happened upon an artist called Charles Trees. Charles' big bummed off kilter beats and cut up stuttery atmospheres started pulling me down from a retail no shop. There's something sunny, warm, nostalgic and forward looking about Charles' music that made me put my hand into my digital wallet and fork out some not so hard earned cash. I then went on to listen to other artists from Charles' home label Moodgadget. I have to thank Charles for both making his music and introducing me to Moodgadget.

Brooklyn and Los Angeles based Jakub Alexander and Adam E hunt set Moodgadget up in 2004 originally only distributing through BitTorrent and have since then racked up a nice sized roster of artists with a really diverse and high quality output of content .

Take a look and listen here Moodgadget@junodownloads

More info on Moodgadget artists here.

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