Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Ode to Joy?

As today sees the world wave goodbye to what has to be the least popular commander-in-chief in living memory, I thought I'd put up a track that has been written to welcome his replacement.

Barack Obama seems to have had the support from a lot of artists since the early days of his run for the Presidency of the USA, with musicians of all colours, creeds and musical styles all doing their bit to support the 'Great White Hope' of the more liberal side of the American public.

This track is from a recently discovered artist for me, as much as I love Hip-Hop, I tend to steer clear of a lot of the American pseudo-gangster style, but Brother Ali's album, The Undisputed Truth, has some stand out tracks on it. In the course of finding out more about his work, I came across this:

Brother Ali - Mr. President (You're The Man)

Brother Ali on Myspace

I might well play this tonight on my show from 10-12 GMT, in honour of the first Black President of the USA - hope you listen in. If you do, get involved on the Purple Radio Forum

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