Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Rest In Peace, Charles Cooper

Heartbreaking news, but a lovely tribute from ElevenThirtyEight.

"Well today my musical soul received the truly devastating news that Charles Cooper one half of the excellent production team Telefon Tel Aviv died.

At the time of writing this, the rumour mill is starting to hint at Charles taking his own life, but along with this, the electronic music community on the web on many many forums is expressing a deep sadness and shock at this loss.

Whatever the circumstances that lie at the cause of his death, what I will remember him for is that Charles and his musical partner Joshua Eustis have made some of the most beautiful and technically outstanding recordings I have heard this decade. You may not have heard of their music but once you take a listen you will hear their influence resonating through many a top producers output over recent years.

Please go buy the new album, turn your lights off turn, the sound up and peek into the wonderful sonic world of Charles Cooper and Joshua Eustis.

Bless yer soul Charles."

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