Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Playing the 'anonymous' game?

Following up a recent recommendation, I picked up a 'Walking Backwards' by the slightly mysterious Clutchy Hopkins a couple of weeks ago. If you're a fan of old school, soul based instrumental hip-hop a la MF DOOM then this is definitely worth a look.

If you believe the blurb on his website, Clutchy is the son of a Motown engineer, who went to Japan to be Zen Monk, before going to India to study Yoga. As if this wasn't enough he moved to Nigeria to learn the drums, before being persuaded into becoming a gun runner during their civil war, then went back to the States to release his music, which he's being doing under different identities since the 70's before retiring to live in an underground cave in the desert. The album was bought as a set of reels found at a yard sale in 1992.

Obviously, this information could only be revealed by his friend, a Mohave Indian Shaman, making the entire far-fetched tale even more unlikely.

The Internet rumour mill has been working itself into overdrive in an attempt to work out who he really is, with suggestions as to his real identity running from Cut Chemist, via the Beastie Boys, to Money Mark.

All I know is that the album is brilliant, full of dry snare cracks, organic woodwind and shimmering organ lines, perfect for late night listening.

Clutchy Hopkins / Percy's on the One

Clutchy Hopkins on Myspace

I'd bag a copy now before it turns out to be DJ Shadow in disguise, and copies start turning up on eBay for £200 a time ...

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