Saturday, 17 January 2009

Isn't this brilliant?

A couple of months back, I was raving on the Purple Radio forum about the time that the Pet Shop Boys took over Radio 1, replacing Simon Bates for a week. And instead of Our Tune, they invited DJs to come and do a 20 minute mix. This was when house music was just crossing into the real mainstream. When there was no such thing as the superstar DJ. A time when big records caused real excitement. Because there was no internet. If you didn’t have the white label or a tape that you’d bought from Camden Market or Affleck’s or recorded from Stu Allen or Kiss (when it was a pirate.) then you couldn't hear the tune. Until the next time it was played in a club.

On the Friday, they got Sasha in. I was working in a summer job at Baxter, Woodhouse & Taylor in Poynton. Proper factory. Rows of people making expensive, almost papier mache elements for aeroplane air-conditioning units. Unskilled, and boring as fuck. We used so much glue that ‘Health & Safety’ recommended that you drink a pint of full-fat milk to line your stomach before the day started. We always had Radio 1 on. Predictably, the old guard were up in arms this week. “PET Shop Boys? You do know why they are called the PET SHOP Boys, don’t you?”.

We taped it, of course. We played it to death. It soundtracked driving to work, to clubs, and camping in lay-bys in Edale.

I lost all my tapes.

And then, this week, this bloke got in touch. He’d been trawling the internet for a tracklisting. And found my post. And then got in touch with a copy.

Get on the download. Because when Sasha does that clever business with two copies of K-Klass, it might just give you a feeling you’ve not had for a bit.

Sasha Radio 1 Mix, 16th August 1991

1. Horse - Careful (original) 2. The Meaning feat DJ Mellow - Showing You The Feeling 3. Urban Soul - Alright 4. Angels & Images - Heaven on earth (inst piano) 5. Dupree - Brass Disk (Accapella) 6. Congress - 40 Miles better groove 7. Raze - Bass Power (Accapella) 8. Leftfield - Not Forgotten 9. Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Accapella) 10. Moby - Go 11. K Klass - Rhythm Is a Mystery (2 copies)

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  1. Thanks for posting Marcus - and reminding me how fookin old I am now. Where have those years gone, eh :/