Saturday, 17 January 2009

Might as well start with a contentious one.

We meant it when we said we support new music. The last thing we want to do is upset anyone - especially new artists struggling to make a crust.

So, Brian, if you are reading and want us to take it down then give us a call.

Until then, have a bit of this. More genius from the Belgian plane-spotters. You've got to have a fair amount of self-belief to take on a song like this but they've nailed it. I played this when I was standing in for Blackie on Friday night - a great excuse for me to do something aimed at the feet instead of a hungover head. This started that couple of hours perfectly.

Well, I enjoyed it anyway.

Aeroplane - Only God

Aeroplane's MySpace

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  1. hey marcus, nice one for getting the blog started. did a purple radio dj slot this morning .. two hours ..... deatails and podacst download here: