Thursday, 12 March 2009

LuvDup - purple hearts all round!

For those of you of a certain age, the above image might bring back some *very* happy memories. Adrian and Mark (together with 'Junior LuvDups' Alan and Mike - the latter now known as the 'Balearic' one) were responsible for many a great night out, and some very happy memories for me. From the intimate dos at The Venue (just down the road from t'Hac and Canal Bar - that'll certainly date me now!) to hearing some memorable sets at Sat@Home (Victor Simonelli in back room at Home being one of my all-time favourites, honourable mention to Kenny Dope playing hip-hop in the bar to a crowd of grinning northern heads) and Thursday nights at the Paradise Factory - where Moonboots (or was it McCready?) played 'How Soon Is Now' at 1am one night upstairs in the Crows Nest, and my antipathy for The Smiths gave way.

So it's with some delight that I discovered, through the magic of facecrack, that Adrian LuvDup set up a group called The Eclectic Circus - to share some favourites that he never got booked to play - although the PiƱata boys have snapped him up for a sesh at the Salutation later this month, which sounds great on so many levels (I can almost taste the Guinness...), and I could definitely see him going down a storm at the Big Chill or Festinho (hint, hint).

Anyway, Adrian has very kindly said we can broadcast his mixes on Purple Radio, and we're delighted to share the love and spread the vibe. This is music from the heart, for music-loving heads (just like us).

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