Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Maybe I'm Amazed

Me and my mate Joe have a long running argument. Jagger vs McCartney. There's no allowing for past form. We have to judge them on their current standing. He's of the opinion that Mick Jagger is still cool, that The Stones still have it and that McCartney is an aubergine-haired national embarrassment.

He's wrong of course. Sir Mick is a drooling, loose-limbed goon, still trotting out increasingly parodic versions of his old hits, whereas Sir Paul still seems to get a buzz out of making new music and keeping his (recently chewed off) ear to the ground.

The proof is in recent their recent output. The godawful Shine A Light documentary, and the occasionally brilliant Fireman record.

And McCartney still surprises. I just discovered Twin Freaks, a collaboration with Freelance Hellraiser. Some marvellous mixes and mash-ups of his solo and Wings output - in particular a brilliant brilliant version of Maybe I'm Amazed. Read all about it.

Twin Freaks - Maybe I'm Amazed.

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