Wednesday, 18 March 2009

This Is The One

There's been loads of conjecture and nonsense in the press about Stone Roses reforming to tour again. I doubt and hope it won't happen.

It's nothing more than a PR spin to promote the reissue of 'The Stone Roses'. Which is twenty years old. Twenty. Years. Old.

That means it was twenty years ago this May that I played cricket at some school in Yorkshire and then drove my granny's Fiesta back to the International Two to see the Manchester show, six days after the album's original release. That means that the grey T-shirt I still sometimes wear, and wore that night, is Twenty Years Old.

It also means that Second Coming is fifteen years old. And that it's 15 years since I bought it on cassette in a record shop in Red Eye Records in Sydney.

It's widely agreed that the Second Coming never really arrived. Even Ian Brown recently said as much, stating that whilst it had the "rock", it had lost the "roll" of the first record. It was largely, apart from a few songs, John Squire's work and the guitars are all over it. And it's a shame, because when all the band got involved in the writing, then the groove came back.

Listen to this studio instrumental that went on to be "Daybreak". If they ever do reform, then let's hope it's like this.

Stone Roses - JB Groove (aka Daybreak)

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