Thursday, 26 March 2009

Just Say Mo' To Drugs


Here's a mix I did especially for our blog (aren't I nice, eh).

Broadcast live on 25th March (err, last night), its an hour or so of chugging slo-mo disco and a few other bits and pieces that seem to fit the bill. It's probably not up to the standard of what our man above can throw down, but I hope you enjoy it all the same.




Luther Ringo ~ Minnie's Dope
6th Borough Project ~ Do It To The Max
Mark E ~ Déjà Vu
Morgan Geist ~ Nocebo
Sylvia Love ~ Extraterrestrial Love (Jaz edit)
Tangoterje ~ Give Me Your Love
Black Cock ~ Blue Love
Creative Use ~ Night Mover
Holy Ghost ~ Walk On Air (Sun & Moon mix)
Trus' Me ~ W.A.R.
Flying Lotus ~ Tea Leaf Dancers
Beatconductor ~ Hangin' Around

1 comment:

  1. corkin mix!

    i'll be having some of it for the 'pod... :)